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This area of our website is where we provide answers to some of the most often asked questions about All Wood Refinishing.  We hope you'll find this information helpful.
 Why us?

We have experience and tools to maintain one of the highest standards of quality in the professional finishing field.
By working directly with us, no middle man, you will be  saving on total project cost.

- Free Estimates

                                         - Reasonable Prices

                                         - Quality Workmanship

 Q:  Can you do work on-site?

  A:  Yes.

           Almost all our work done on-site, cutting cost of the project in half, eliminating pick up an delivery and additional labor charges. Also, refinishing off-site requires additional 5-7 days of drying time before delivery. Delivering before drying is complete will produce blanket marks on the finish.

         Spraying lacquer, requires all of the refinishing work to be done after business hours.

         For some work off-site work may be recquired, (i.e. overnight clamping for a broken chair).

Q:  How far will you go?

  A: Everything depends on size of project

We also provide services for manufacturers of new office furniture. These jobs require the most travel. I went from Portland, ME to Fairfax VA and Pittsburg, PA and everything between.             

See our service area page.

Q:  Do you charge for estimate?

 A:   We are happy to provide free estimates on all orders.


We can give reasonably accurate estimates based on the photos that you provide us with.
To simplify estimating process, we ask that you also email us the photographs of your furniture if available: This will help us better assess your furniture's condition and will eliminate extra back & forth emails.
Please send us pictures of your furniture or woodwork with a general view, side-view, including close-ups of damage detail such as edges, base, top, etc.


Q:  Can you pick-up and deliver?

 A:   We do most of our work on-site, but yes, we able to transport items safely to and from your location.


Q:  Will my refinished furniture look like new?

 A:  Absolutely! We provide a factory-like finish on site at a fraction of the cost.

A note of caution

In some cases it depends in what condition furniture is before refinishing. Furniture with extensive damages will look much better, but not like new.

Q:  Do you have references?

A:   Yes, references can be furnished at your request.

Q:  Do you do upholstery?

 A:   No, but we can recommend.

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